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That is how we learned that our beautiful 29-year-old daughter’s husband had murdered her. Liza Ellen Warner was shot to death on October 1, 2004. Her death affected so many people, including her family, friends, clients and community.

Liza was a very beautiful, loving, generous daughter and a successful hairstylist at a top salon in upstate New York. She was a wizard at styling hair, but more than that, she had a way of making everyone feel special. She had trained in NYC and hoped to someday live and work there.

Sadly, Liza’s story is one that happens much too often. As she became more secure in herself and successful in her career, her husband felt he was losing power over her and he became more controlling. He attempted to dictate where they went, with whom, and to withdraw her from her family. Liza tried to share her dream of NYC with him, but he wanted no part of it, refusing to even consider moving. The day Liza finally told him she was unhappy and wanted a trial separation he raped her and attempted to suffocate her. After this violent attempt to end her life, Liza, with the help of family and friends, was able to move out of their house and hide from him. However, when she went back to the house for some personal items, he was not at work as she expected, but at the house threatening to take his life. She arranged for him to see a doctor and he was admitted to a mental health facility. While he was in the facility, Liza resumed her life and, after changing all the locks, she eventually moved back into their home. He checked himself out of the facility, obtained a gun, and laid in wait for her to come home. He tore the door off the hinges and killed our precious daughter. He then ended his life.

This man, who said he loved our daughter so much and was so devoted to her, killed her! We do not want other families to suffer the way our family has. Our whole life is forever changed. We miss her everyday. Liza’s Lifeline will help to prevent other families from suffering such tragedy.


-Doug and Shirley Warner

Linked below is an interview with Liza’s parents, Doug and Shirley.