Pet Program

Liza’s Lifeline, in partnership with the Charleston Animal Society and Pet Helpers, has a foster program for the protection of animals subject to domestic violence. Dogs, cats and birds that are not dangerous or aggressive are eligible to be fostered. Other types of animals will be considered. Requests must come from a victim advocate and/or approved domestic violence related agency working with the victim. Please contact our organization for more information.

Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence Are Connected:

(source: National Link Coalition )

  • 71% of pet-owning women entering women’s shelters reported that their batterer had injured, maimed, killed or threatened family pets for revenge or to psychologically control victims; 32% reported their children had hurt or killed animals.
  • 68% of battered women reported violence towards their animals. 87% of these incidents occurred in the presence of the women, and 75% in the presence of the children, to psychologically control and coerce them.
  • Between 25% and 40% of battered women are unable to escape abusive situations because they worry about what will happen to their pets or livestock should they leave.
  • Abusers kill, harm, or threaten children’s pets to coerce them into sexual abuse or to force them to remain silent about abuse.
  • Investigation of animal abuse is often the first point of social services intervention for a family in trouble.
  • Animal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk.